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These major SHIB holders continue to acquire large amounts of Shiba Inu, while the coin keeps showing signs of recovery

WhaleStats data service has tweeted that over the past day, two large Ethereum whales, who already own massive amounts of Shiba Inu, have purchased another big SHIB lump each. In total, these purchases amount to 105.7 billion tokens.

Meanwhile, the second biggest meme cryptocurrency continues to go up.

Top investors acquire $2.5 million in SHIB

According to the recent reports of WhaleStats data aggregator, over the past day, two large Ethereum whales, who already hold millions worth of SHIB have added more of these tokens to their crypto riches.

On February 25, Ethereum whale number one per the scale of WhaleStats named “Light” grabbed 49,998,916,299 Shiba Inu tokens. That comprises $1,211,473 in fiat. This investor now holds a total of $866,896,450, which is 12.4 percent of their crypto portfolio. SHIB is the fourth largest of their crypto holdings.

The rest of the crypto of this whale is held in RON and tokens related to McDonalds, YouTube and Google.

The second investor who has increased their SHIB stash is ranked 11 by WhaleStats. They have acquired almost the same amount of SHIB as “Light” did – 55,802,919,158 tokens. This amount of crypto is worth $1,373,867, according to the current SHIB/USD exchange rate.

SHIB is back on the list of 10 most purchased coins

The above mentioned data aggregator has also reported that Shiba Inu has again entered the list of ten crypto assets that Ethereum whales are after. SHIB is on this list along with the FTX Token (FTT), Ethereum and several USD-backed stablecoins – USDC, BUSD, USDT.

SHIB continues to rise

Over the past two days, the major meme token has managed to show an almost 25 percent increase – from $0.00002076 to $0.00002594.

However, by now, the price of the token has gone down to $0.00002468.

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