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Spellfire, a tokenized card game, announces eccentric Growth Sprint with NFT releases, celebrity partnerships and so on


New-gen fantasy-themed game Spellfire announces a series of community-centric events. Its supporters can take part in NFT releases, amazing integrations and more.

Spellfire’s 10 Days of Growth Sprint goes live

According to the official announcement shared by the team of NFT-centric GameFi protocol Spellfire, it has entered into a 10-day Growth Sprint campaign.

Within the framework of this massive campaign, participants in the play-to-earn ecosystem will be invited to participate in releases of non-fungible tokens from exclusive collections.

Then, Spellfire scored a number of partnerships with crypto-friendly celebrities. Spellfire’s endorsers will spread the word about the novel accomplishments of its play-to-earn design and marketing campaign.

Besides celebrities, Spellfire will start collaborations with other GameFis and play-to-earn protocols. As such, Spellfire’s users will be able to experiment with various cutting-edge decentralized gaming ecosystems.

Last but not least, Spellfire announced limited rewards programs for its ecosystem participants and tokenholders. Spellfire’s Ten Days of Growth Sprint will be an exciting and profitable experience for all GameFi enthusiasts.

Empowering 1990s card games with the magic of NFTs: What is Spellfire?

As covered by U.Today previously, in Q4, 2021, Spellfire witnessed a cascade of meaningful accomplishments. First of all, its team closed two successful funding rounds backed by high-profile VCs and angel investors.

Its core native utility and governance asset SPELLFIRE debuted on Huobi’s launchpad, Huobi Primelist. The pioneering drop of Spellfire’s NFTs was offered on leading Ethereum-based digital collectibles marketplace OpenSea.

As part of its unique gameplay structure, Spellfire released a double collection of physical and digital tokens. Each Spellfire NFT has an underlying physical card necessary for the game.

Spellfire’s cryptocurrency game is based on the original plot and aesthetics of Spellfire: Master the Magic role-playing game from 1994.

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