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NFT protocol xtingles creates new entity to focus on human well-being in Web3 era


xtingles, an industry-first launchpad for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with ASMR content, announces its new initiative designed to support human wellness and mindfulness in the digital era.

xtingles launches Deep Life Labs to advance Web3 experiences

According to the official announcement shared by the xtingles team, it has launched a brand-new entity to coordinate its efforts to bring ASMR experiences into Web3.

The new entity, dubbed Deep Life Labs, will develop new products at the intersection between Web3 and ASMR, as well as experiences focused on other aspects of well-being.

Also, Deep Life Labs will connect xtingles and other platforms interested in bringing ASMR creativity into the worlds of Web3 and cryptocurrencies.


Andrew Fai, chief visionary officer at xtingles, highlights the importance of Deep Life Labs’ mission in the context of healthcare and mindfulness:

We recognized the impact our platform was having in bringing the benefits of ASMR and related content to a wider audience. Deep Life Labs came into life with a mission to become the pioneer in generating excitement, exploration and community in us all in our journeys toward growth and peace. We plan to achieve this by developing immersive experiences and communities focused on well-being.

10,000 genesis NFTs to go live on Ethereum

Deep Life Labs is going to offer xtingles users with premium whitelisting options for its first collection, Cozies. A total of 10,000 NFTs will be minted on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in the coming weeks.

Holders of all xtingles products will be able to claim those NFTs.

Deep Life Labs is pioneering a revolutionary breakthrough in the Web3 ethos: they are focused on making the NFT experience a “peaceful journey” for crypto holders with various levels of expertise.

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