The third biggest Webtoons platform in South Korea—Toomics ventures into decentralized comics using TooNFT.

Toomics, one of the leading WebToons, Comics, and Manga platforms in South Korea, will turn the tides of the Webtoons industry by introducing the TooNFT blockchain platform in this ordeal. TooNFT is a pioneering blockchain-based ecosystem that will transform the Manga, Comic, and WebToon industry by building a next-gen NFT platform.

Its main features ensure the exchange of value between writers, readers, and all kinds of investors without an intermediary.

This creates a see-through payment system for investors and digital creators and transforms WebToons, Manga, and Comics into transactive NFTs.

Introducing TooNFT

Toomics created its first blockchain-based permissionless Web 3 platform called “TooNFT.” TooNFT aims to build an industry domineering platform for Manga, Comics, and WebToons. Toomics seeks to transform the industry using blockchain technology and bring the TooNFT platform to the public.

Meet Toomics

Toomics is one of the leading WebToons online platforms with circa 53 million users, 22 million MAU, and a page view of over 2.6 billion users. Also, Toomics has over 10 million app downloads around the world. Currently, Toomics operates in several countries and has a staff of over 200+ active personnel translating WebToons and advertising them around the globe. In South Korea, Toomics is one of the leading and oldest WebToon platforms with gifted digital content creators.

How we Plan to Decentralized WebToons, Comics, and Manga Through TooNFT

As Web 3.0 and DApps are experiencing a raping transformation of technological enhancements, Toomics has decided to slowly move over to the novel era of decentralized applications created and hosted on blockchain technology. These applications aim at increasing the degree of adoption for IPs that are effortlessly integrated through Non-Fungible Token Standards.

The central aim of the TooNFT decentralized application is to develop an accessible transit from centralized platforms to distributed ecosystems where digital content creators can have a fair profit disbursement by changing their WebToons to NFTs and exchanging them in the unique P2P NFT market.

What Distinguishes TooNFT from the Crowd

The main functionalities of the TooNFT platform are tactically aimed at solving the problem in the industry for online Webtoons fans. We are developing a platform that comes with several unique features for users. Let’s look at them below.

Content Subscription Service

This accessibility allows writers to post content without publishing fees. It aims to grow accessibility for Webtoons while increasing the choices for users.

Content Selection Through DAO Governance

The team will decide on this feature and will move to be voted by the DAO mechanism.

Community Development

The introduction of community pages for fans to contribute their thoughts and opinions. This feature enables users to develop fandom. Thus, rewarding users who participate in tasks.

NFT Infrastructures and Profit-Distribution System

Stakeholders receive a share of the profits from content pegged to NFTs.

The TOON Token

In the TooNFT network, the TOON token will reward users and enable staking. It also grants users access to several features and services in the platform. Additionally, users can partake in DAO voting and contribute to the network using the TOON toke.


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