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Supernets are interconnected as they can exchange value and messages with other supernets

Days after teasing one of its biggest announcements, Polygon has unveiled Supernets, a scalable blockchain infrastructure that aims to ignite mass adoption of Polygon and Web3.

Supernets are interconnected as they can exchange value and messages with other Supernets and with the Ethereum mainnet. Validators on each Supernet will stake MATIC tokens on the mainnet before validating the network to ensure a high level of security.

The Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution announced Polygon Edge in May 2021, and it has been under development since then, intending to become the gateway to multi-chain Ethereum. Polygon Edge is a modular architecture that includes a wide range of dedicated chains, ranging from sovereign EVM chains to full-fledged Layer 2s. Polygon Edge is already being used for more than 20 projects.

Polygon says its goal is to bring mass adoption to Web3 and thus sees the concept of Supernets as a major step toward achieving this goal. In this vision, Polygon sees itself as a massively scalable multi-chain system, comprised of Multiple Publicnets (public networks like Polygon PoS or upcoming Polygon Hermez), a potentially unlimited number of Supernets where all Publicnets and Supernets can easily connect and exchange value and information.


To further ignite this vision into reality, Polygon states it is committing $100 million to the development and adoption of Supernets. The funds will be used for liquidity mining, development and research contracts and also grants.

“For mass adoption of web3 to take hold, it is critical to abstract the complexities of blockchain development and simultaneously offer scaling ability and personalization,” said Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon. “Polygon Supernets deliver all this, enabling any project to fast-track their blockchain ambitions and join the growing Polygon multi-chain ecosystem.”

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