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Raoul Pal claims that he never recommended failed Luna token despite listing it among his favorite cryptocurrencies in November


Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, has expressed his frustration with the current state of the cryptocurrency community in a recent tweet.

Pal claims that Crypto Twitter has devolved into angry people who are all screaming at “anyone with different views.”

He insists that crypto investors should be nice to each other instead of waging a “philosophical justice war.”

Paul claims he “never recommended” Luna

Some users have urged Pal to make a public statement for people who got caught in the Terra quagmire.

In a separate tweet, Pal claims that he “never recommended” Luna despite endorsing it in the past and claiming that it was “basically risk-free” in a video that reemerged on social media after the collapse of the project.

In November, the former Goldman Sachs banker listed LUNA among his favorite coins.

“Raoul’s pivot from crypto back to ‘macro’ was as fast as Luna’s collapse,” a Twitter user joked.

Spectacularly wrong predictions

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, recently recorded its eighth consecutive week in the red, setting a new record. The top cryptocurrency is down 55.72% from its record high.

Last September, Pal predicted that the crypto king would reach $400,000 and rival cryptocurrency Ether would hit $20,000 by March. Needless to say, the upbeat forecast ended up being terribly wrong.

In 2020, the investment guru predicted that the price of Bitcoin would hit $1 million within five years.

In January, Pal said that crypto could become a $250 trillion asset class by 2030.

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