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Solana-centric liquidity ecosystem Alfprotocol is now curated by renowned investor Evan Luhtra


Evan Luhtra, veteran crypto investor and digital enrepreneur, is going to support Solana-based liquidity management instrument Alfprotocol with its expertise in the spheres of fundraising and business development.

Alfprotocol welcomes Evan Luhtra as advisor

According to the official annoucnement shared by Alfprotocol, Indian billionaire and crypto influencer Evan Luhtra becomes the latest member of its advisory board.

Mr. Luhtra is a seasoned business angel and entrepreneur: he has launched and advised 300+ ventures in foodtech, travel, fintech, nightlife, FCMG, lifestyle, artificial intelligence, entertainment, fashion, AR/VR and so on.

As of Q1, 2022, the net capitalization of Luhtra’s companies eclipsed $1 billion. He is one of the youngest Indian billionaires and certified venture investors.

Mr. Luhtra is fascinated by the opportunities unlocked by Alfprotocol’s concept:

Alfprotocol can set the new standards of DeFi on the Solana blockchain. After the call with the CEO, it is clear that the team competence and experience is high enough and It’s great to join the advisory board of Alfprotocol

As covered by U.Today previously, Mr. Luhtra is also well known for his expertise in the Solana (SOL) ecosystem.

Since September 2021, Mr. Luhtra supports Solana-based DEX as an advisor.

Advanced yield farming on Solana: What is Alfprotocol?

Alfprotocol CEO Matas explained the motivation behind his partnership with Evan Luhtra:

It’s a great achievement to onboard an advisor such as Evan. His experience, value, and massive worldwide influence are priceless and I’m thrilled to start working with him!

Alfprotocol is a novel solution for Solana’s liquidity providers. It allows them to farm yield, provide liquidity and trade on Solana-based DEXes with up to 200x leverage.

As such, its instruments are suitable for investors with various strategies, from conservative to aggressive.

Alfprotocol allows traders to access both leveraged and unleveraged products through a single dashboard.

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