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Number of BabyDoge holders has increased again, with the overall number of SHIB army still failing to catch up

Data shared by WhaleStats blockchain analytics platform shows that between the number of BabyDoge and Shiba Inu holders, the former keep winning so far, despite SHIB having bigger market capitalization value, higher trading volume and wider adoption.

As per the recent tweet, the amount of wallets holding BabyDoge has now hit a new record. The current holder count constitutes a whopping 1,226,253. That’s quite a rise from 1,205,517 reported three days ago.

Meanwhile, the total amount of SHIB holders is 1,140,151 as tweeted by WhaleStats earlier today.

Also, according to the tweet, the biggest whales on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) now own an astounding 1,011,635,236,121,550 BabyDoge worth $4,668,265 with the current price of this meme coin being $0.000000004654, showing a ten percent rise.

As per a tweet from the same platform, the number of Dogecoin holders at the moment totals 460,007.

The biggest 1,000 BSC now own 326,785,975 DOGE, which is the equivalent of $62,501,117. At the time of writing, the biggest meme cryptocurrency is trading at $0.1872. Earlier this week, Tesla started selling some of its merch in the online Tesla Shop exclusively for Dogecoin, giving the DOGE price a boost of almost twenty percent.

However, by now, the coin has lost some of the gains reached thanks to the Tesla announcement.

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