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Recent analytics data shows that whales have added more MATIC and LINK to their holdings, while the demand for these coins is on the rise again

Ethereum whales continue to stock up on the most wanted cryptocurrencies. In the past 18 hours, they have added big amounts of Polygon’s MATIC and LINK to their holdings.

In the meantime, over the past 24 hours, these two coins have been joined the list of the 10 most purchased cryptos by the largest Ethereum whales.

Whales grab another portion of MATIC and LINK

WhaleStats data aggregator has spotted three hefty crypto transactions made by three of the top 1,000 whales who hold most of their funds in the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

ETH whale tagged as “Kvothe” acquired 2,700,000 MATIC worth $3,483,000. This wallet is ranked 995th by WhaleStats. A whale ranked 335th has bought 896,990 MATIC—the equivalent of $1,336,515.

The third transaction carried 99,990 LINK bought by a whale ranked 35th, which comprises $1,364,863.

According to the WhaleStats website, over the past 24 hours, MATIC and LINK have been on the list of the top 10 purchased cryptocurrencies.

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