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Major burner has prepared another 140.7 million SHIB in March to be burned, while 11.06 million tokens have been incinerated within the past 24+ hours

SHIB army continues its token burn campaigns, and by now, another 140.7 million Shiba Inu have been added to the burn pot of this major SHIB burning team. Earlier this month, U.Today reported that the burning pot for February and March already contained half a billion SHIB.

Also, over the past twenty four hours, more than 11 million meme tokens have been burned.

140.7 million SHIB added to the burn pot

The @shib_superstore Twitter account that represents the official page of the Johnson SHIB burn games has stated that so far in March, they have prepared a total of $3,159 worth of Shiba Inu for the burn even that regularly takes place on the 15 day of each month.

This is the dollar equivalent of 140,712,694 SHIB canine tokens. On March 1, this Twitter handle announced that they had managed to raise a staggering 514,503,816 SHIB for the burn event.

However, in fiat this amount does not look as exciting as in crypto – $12,806. By now, the total amount of SHIB to be destroyed equals roughly 655,216,510, depending on the moves of the token price.

The company uses part of their advertising profits for purchasing SHIB. The profit come from its mobile games.

11.06 million SHIB gone in 24+ hours

Another team that has been burning SHIB actively, @shibburn, has collected data from etherscan about 11.06 million tokens shifted to dead addresses over the past 24+ hours. The tokens “burned” in this manner are removed from the circulation permanently, which is expected to push the price up in the near future.

SHIB holder count spikes almost 200k

Since the start of 2022, the amount of wallets holding SHIB has soared by almost 200,000, while in late 2021, the SHIB holder count reached the peak of 1 million.

At the moment, it stands at 1,196,806 users.

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