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Recent analytics data on SHIB shows that in the last few days almost 112.5 million SHIB have been burned and 434 million has been destroyed so far this month

The @shibburn tracker on Twitter has reported that since Wednesday, a close to 112.5 million Shiba Inu tokens have been destroyed by various communities within the SHIB army.

Along with this, a major SHIB burner has tweeted that so far this in February almost 435 million meme tokens have been burned.

In the meantime, SHIB is slowly recovering after today’s decline that followed a 17-percent spike on Friday.

SHIB army burns 112.5 million SHIB in past four days

As reported by the @shibburn Twitter account, a comprised 112.46 million SHIB has been destroyed since Wednesday. The tokens were moved to several dead addresses which prevent anyone from withdrawing tokens from them and from withdrawing them too. Similar technology is used for “burning” other cryptocurrencies as well.

The biggest single SHIB lumps that have been incinerated carried 44,444,444 SHIB, 10,000,000 SHIB, 25,500,000 and 11,111,111 SHIB tokens.

Source: shibburn

This SHIB burner destroys 433 million SHIB this month

Twitter account @317_key that represents Travis Johnson SHIB burn games and makes regular Shiba Inu burns has spread the word that so far in February they have managed to destroy a $10,770 worth of the second biggest meme token by market capitalization – Shiba Inu.

This is the equivalent of 433,924,254.

The company is buying SHIB with part of their revenue from ads placed in games from smartphones.

Later on, the account posted an update to say that the final amount of SHIB burned in February so far totals 457,137,064 tokens – that is worth $11,273.

Whales continue to stock up on SHIB

As covered by U.Today, two large Ethereum investors have acquired 105.7 billion Shiba Inu in total. They bought 49.9 billion and 55.8 billion SHIB, according to WhaleStats data platform.

Those are Ethereum whales ranked 11 and 1 by WhaleStats.

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