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Novel GameFi ecosystem teases Mystery Box sale on Binance to celebrate alpha testnet conclusion


To highlight the latest crucial accomplishments, WonderHero RPG announces a Mystery Box sale on the non-fungible token marketplace by the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance.

Mystery Box sale by WonderHero launches ahead of beta testing

According to the official announcement shared by the WonderHero team, starting from Nov. 30, 2021, GameFi enthusiasts will be able to purchase one of 40 “Mystery Box” variations.

In total, 5,000 boxes will be available for purchase. Out of this quantity, 120 Mystery Boxes will have a five-star rating. As such, a participant has a 2.4% chance to obtain top-ranked super-rare boxes.

Every box includes five NFTs: one hero, his/her weapon and three in-game equipment assets. The net price of these assets totals 500 Binance USD (BUSD) while, during the Mystery Box Sale, it will be available for 150 BUSD only.

To start playing the game, players need one hero and one weapon. Therefore, “Mystery Box” is an optimal starter pack for newbie GameFi enthusiasts.

Staking NFTs for WND rewards

In December, the WonderHero team is going to enter an open beta testing phase and launch an NFT staking module, NFT marketplace and its core gameplay mechanisms.

WonderHero is available on mobile for both Android and iOS devices. Right now, the application allows its users to trade, exchange and earn NFTs.

WonderHero is among the first GameFi products that allow it to stake its NFTs for periodic WND rewards. In turn, WND tokens can be used for governance and purchasing in-game assets in WonderHero.

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