Bitcoin’s bull market continues! After difficult and painful corrections during 2021’s third quarter with deep retracements reaching 50-60% declines, bitcoin has not only regained all of its strength but also has already surpassed its April highs of $65,000. The new all-time high at $67,000 has been established, and the previous zone of weakness for bulls around $58,000 in April-May has now been reclaimed with a strong weekly close through this area. This shows that the market is way stronger at the same all-time high levels than it was in April-May. We should see an unquestionable reign of the bulls for the next few weeks with bitcoin approaching $100,000 levels faster than the majority might expect. If bitcoin’s trend does not show any weakness in the $90,000-$130,000 region, this may take bitcoin even further. Bitcoin tends to go higher than what anybody expects during bull markets, and lower than anybody predicts during bear markets.

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