Space, the final frontier. The long and exciting journey through vast, dark, deep space with a fleet of your own. The release of the alpha version of the play-to-earn metaverse game DEEPSPACE (DPS) opens up a brand new chapter of the metaverse world for all those who love space exploration, fleet building and formation, and peer-to-peer battles.

Introduction: DEEPSPACE (DPS) is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Earn passive income from holding $DPS, trading NFTs, and taking risks as you explore DEEPSPACE with your fleet of ships. Prepare to explore, harvest, and fight your way through the DEEPSPACE (DPS) universe. Join the community on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram.

Building Your Own Fleet to Launch Into Space

As the metaverse gaming world becomes more thriving and diverse, space exploration and battles fans finally welcome the Alpha release of the space-themed, play-to-earn game with a strong emphasis on fleets. Even the name of this metaverse space game sounds profoundly familiar — The Star Trek Deep Space Nine series, which was aired between 1993 and 1999, has become the classic collective memory of many hardcore science fiction and space fans. Even though as gamers we will not witness the witty and funny day-to-day conversations among the DS9 space station crew, there is the real fun of building a fleet of your own ships to explore the vast, dark universe in a strikingly realistic experience.

Once I successfully registered to the alpha and got accepted into the game, the first thing I looked at was how to acquire my first ships. To prepare for your first space exploration, a fleet is needed. At the alpha stage, since players cannot engage in real peer-to-peer combat yet, one ship is good enough to kick-start the exploration.

DEEPSPACE developed NFT ships that contain three main traits: ship type, ship core, and ship stats.

The four ship types include: fighting ships equipped with state-of-the-art weapons technologies that deal incredible damage; tank ships which are designed for managing enemy engagements, longevity, and withstanding lots of damage; mining ships specially engineered for efficient resource collection; and last but not least, support ships that are focused on utility and boosting the capabilities of your other ships.

Strategy and Space Gamers Get Their Own Play-to-Earn Metaverse Full of Cool NFTs — DEEPSPACE (DPS) Alpha Review

In addition to the ship types, each ship also has 8 stats, or to be more precise, their strengths and weaknesses. The 8 stats are: attack, shield, special attack, special defense, luck, mining, health, and speed. If you lay out the number of each stat on an octagram, you can easily see on which aspect is the ship more powerful than the others. The stats are determined by verifiable randomness and are weighted by the ship’s class.

The concept of ship cores is quite interesting. Each NFT ship has a unique core, or property, of one of the four types: fission, magnetic, mechanical, and plasma. The ship cores determine if your ship has a type advantage over other ships, making your ships more effective at their roles. For example, magnetic ships have an advantage over mechanical ships, and mechanical ships are likely to overpower plasma ships. The combination of ship cores and ship stats creates a lot more possibilities for winning the battles in deep space. What’s more, cores can also be used to create semi-fungible token (SFT) upgrades for other ships.

Strategy and Space Gamers Get Their Own Play-to-Earn Metaverse Full of Cool NFTs — DEEPSPACE (DPS) Alpha Review

For me, I had a lot of fun minting a ship with 100 DPS, the DEEPSPACE native token. I like going over the NFT ship traits and calculating the best combination of a fleet which covers all the main functionalities I’ll need for my future space exploration (such as fighting and mining). Minting a ship also comes with the inexhaustible pleasure of winning a lottery ticket and opening loot boxes. I just wish the NFT ship-trading search engine could also provide a filter for colors — yes, I have a thing for pink battleships and I scrolled down endless pages to find one which I could afford.

Once four ships are acquired (either by purchasing or by minting), they will appear in the inventory. It’s important to “lock” them. By locking the battleships, they will be sent to the DEEPSPACE game and can be launched from the hanger. Why four ships? Because I don’t want to miss that cool scene of all four launch pads in my hanger being filled!

Strategy and Space Gamers Get Their Own Play-to-Earn Metaverse Full of Cool NFTs — DEEPSPACE (DPS) Alpha Review

A Realistic Representation of Deep Space Travel

Many science fiction and space-themed artworks tend to over-romanticize the space travel experience. Such experiences are often depicted as an iconic scene on a fancy and posh looking spaceship bridge with beautiful people wearing sharp uniforms and holding coffee mugs. The lighting is warm and everybody is relaxed. No, this is not the real deep space experience. This is just Hollywood’s version of deep space.

In the metaverse deep space, the space is dark and vast. There are meteor showers and meteorite belts that hit your ship and you have to dodge them. There are intimidating rival ships on your tail. And mostly, the space travel is long and lonely. When you can’t find a convenient wormhole to warp through, you need to navigate the endless void with a clear goal of your destination. This is the realistic part of a deep space experience.

In the metaverse of DEEPSPACE (DPS), there are seven planets and each of them has its own unique lore and natural resources. The seven planets — Mitra, Gelida, Athena, Tyranus, Vorvoid, Melas, and Chaldene — shine in the dark emptiness with a unique bright color. After launching from the hanger, locating the wormhole, and avoiding all the meteor attacks, the first and nearest planet I could visit was Chaldene. After a planet is visited, it is added to the journal for the convenience of future travels.

Strategy and Space Gamers Get Their Own Play-to-Earn Metaverse Full of Cool NFTs — DEEPSPACE (DPS) Alpha Review

Chaldene, for example, is a beautiful light blue planet colonized, domesticated, and owned by the galactic government for players to mine for very basic resources. Mining resources on this planet is safe and involves very little risk. Melas, on the other hand, is an enormous plasma planet that has constant, ongoing nuclear fusion which emits light in visible, UV, and infrared form. Only specially equipped ships can venture here.

Once a player discovers a new planet and approaches it, there are options to mine and gather natural resources or to start a battle — a fight to the death. Not all planets welcome battles and not all planets are safe to mine.

On Twitter, the DEEPSPACE (DPS) official account is holding a competition for the best DEEPSPACE Alpha Game footage. For those who didn’t get a chance to play the alpha game, it’s a great opportunity to see the amazing graphics that the alpha has already achieved.

Explore, Mine, Harvest, and Earn!

As a play-to-earn metaverse space game, DEEPSPACE’s main player revenue comes from mining resources, upgrading and trading ships, fighting and winning battles, and claiming real estate for passive income.

John Wear, part of the DEEPSPACE (DPS) Core team, said in a recent interview about DEEPSPACE and its GameFi, “Having a game that is actually fun is a crucial aspect in keeping balance for the in-game economy because you cannot rely on new player inflow exceeding active player’s in-game demand forever. This is why we are making it a priority to keep our game rewarding, engaging, and entertaining over time for already active players. We’re looking to put the “game” in Gamefi. Many games out there are masked casinos or fancy staking processes. We are focusing on building a fun to play, immersive and addicting game to be enjoyed by both gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.”

According to the DEEPSPACE (DPS) team, in Q2 this year, the mining and fighting mechanism will be enabled in this metaverse game. I already can’t wait to see it happen.


Will you be an ambitious fighter and conqueror, or a diligent explorer and miner in this metaverse space game?


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