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Number of wallets holding Shiba Inu meme crypto has soared to reach a new milestone, while largest Ethereum whales continue to accumulate SHIB

Figures provided by the WhaleStats data collector that shares details regarding holdings of 1,000 richest crypto whales, has tweeted that the Shiba Inu army has stepped over a new milestone related to SHIB holder count.

Meanwhile, the biggest 1,000 Ethereum investors are holding more than $2.6 million worth of SHIB.

SHIB held by over 1.18 million users

As per the abovementioned data aggregator, the number of Shiba Inu holders has got over 1.18 million users. The total SHIB holder count now comprises 1,180,140.

Besides, the tweet from February 18 states that the largest Ethereum whales are now holding a whopping 18,266,568,894,208 canine tokens. This stands for $2,604,410,281 in fiat.

Data from the actual Whalestats website, however, shows that the actual amount of SHIB held by the ETH whales totals much less and is worth $1,085,338,606. That is 11.79 percent of their holdings.

FTX Token (FTT) occupies more digital space in the wallets of these investors as it represents 16.68 percent of portfolios and is worth $1,535,222,527.

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