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Parsiq will allow monitoring and tracking of non-fungible tokens with the usage of Smart Triggers technology

PARSIQ monitoring automation platform, which connects on-chain and off-chain applications in real time, continues its path of strategic planning and further adoption in the NFT industry. Its most recent achievement is integration with OpenSea’s ABI that allows monitoring of users’ NFT collections.

After the integration of OpenSea ABI, users are able to use Smart Triggers to monitor their NFT collections and/or any other type of non-fungible token. The monitoring systems will also be available through popular messaging apps like Telegram and Discord via notifications inside the apps.

Smart Triggers notifications include settings for various criteria, including floor prices, volume, number of owners, unique features, network activity and more. PARSIQ’s integration allows live notifications directly in social channels that include services like Google Sheets, Discord, Telegram and any other app that utilizes Webhooks technology.

The company’s CEO, Tom Tirman, shares his view on integration with the largest NFT marketplace in the industry by commenting on the exponential growth of the NFT industry. It might currently act as a bridge between the real world and the Metaverse and includes tokenized items and digital reality beyond the physical world.

To set up Smart Triggers technology and implement PARSIQ, monitoring solutions can easily be done directly on the project’s website with a free accont. The website includes a simple-to-use tutorial that will help users to set up notifications in accordance with their needs.


PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring platform that connects on-chain and off-chain applications to provide real-time notifications via Webhooks technology for end users. By using the PARSIQ platform, customers are able to connect off-chain apps to blockchain notifications and monitor all the data they need. The setup includes custom event triggers and real-time automation.

PARSIQ has signed multiple agreements with major partners since September 2019, including Algorand, which is a startup that utilizes monitoring technologies based on blockchain. The project has added PARSIQ to its platform.

Back in June 2020, PARSIQ and Dash formed an alliance to create a framework for real-time notifications that will be used to track Dash transactions that will be utilized through PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers.

After partnering up with Dash, PARSIQ has started its cooperation with Bitfury Crystal firm and integrated its transactions in the PARSIQ system to make their AML and KYT operation more sufficient.

Back in November 2020, PARSIQ partnered up with AllianceBlock to help the project with data sharing on DeFi and TradFi.

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