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Renowned investor and nonfiction writer shares plans for Bitcoin for near future


Robert Kiyosaki, author of best-selling book on financial literacy “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and a well-known Bitcoin and real-estate investor, has taken to Twitter to voice his new prediction about the BTC price in the near future and share his buy-the dip plans.

“I’m waiting for Bitcoin to test $1,100”

Kiyosaki has again tweeted about “winners and losers,” saying that winners learn from their mistakes. Therefore, he does expect the global flagship crypto, Bitcoin, to drop further and is “waiting for Bitcoin to test $1,100.”

He stated that, should BTC recover after that, he will buy more of it. However, another option for him to buy on the dip is waiting for “paper hands,” whom he calls “losers,” to capitulate.


Kiyosaki stays bullish no matter what

Twitter user @CryptoKaleo, with more than half a billion followers, reminded Kiyosaki that earlier this year, in May, after the Fed implemented a historic interest rate hike, the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author tweeted that he believed the bottom for BTC may be lying at the $17,000 level.

Around the same time, on May 20, Kiyosaki wrote on his Twitter page that he admits that Bitcoin may even go below $9,000 but he still remains bullish, because the “Fed and Treasury are corrupt organizations.”

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