Dogecoin Hype Decreased by 90% in Last 2 Months by May 16, 2022

Key Points:

  • Dogecoin lacking use case is a big issue
  • DOGE might never recover
  • Bitgert could plunge Dogecoin further

The Dogecoin performance in the past 60 days might be the worst in the last 12 months. Though Dogecoin has been plunging for a whole year, no one foresaw a situation where the Dogecoin coin could plunge this hard in just 2 months. Dogecoin has gone 90% down in the past 60 days. This is a huge plunge for the Dogecoin price, considering the coin has been plunging non-stop the whole year. The plummeting Dogecoin has been driven by so many factors, and the bad market is one of them. Since the Federal Reserve started with its fiscal regulations, the crypto market has been plunging, and Dogecoin has been one of the affected coins. But the Dogecoin coin has also been doing badly because it lacks real use cases. The Dogecoin coin lacks real use cases like Bitgert (BRISE) and many other coins. In fact, Dogecoin is a meme coin. That’s why there are many Dogecoin holders leaving for solid projects like Bitgert, which explains why the coin has been dropping non-stop. This is where the issue of Dogecoin competition comes in. Dogecoin hit 90% in the past 2 months because of the rough competition the coin is getting from the likes of Bitgert. Bitgert is one of the toughest Dogecoin competitors, and crypto experts have quoted it as one of the products bringing Dogecoin down. Here is more about Bitgert:  


Bitgert has accomplished so much with big moves being made every often. The latest move was the integration of the Bitgert chain on Coinmarketcap and the introduction of USDT/USDC stablecoins. The team has also promised to bring Bitgert pegged top 15 cryptocurrencies. But it is the fast growth of the Bitgert ecosystem that is making Bitgert attract a lot of crypto investors, The Bitgert roadmap V1 has been successfully, and the team is now working on roadmap V2. The Bitgert roadmap V1 brought key products, including the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, which is the most adopted chain today due to its zero gas fee mechanism. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is also the fastest chain today after reaching 100k TPS. Bitgert roadmap V2 has more DeFi, NFT, and Web3 products coming in short timelines. There are also 1000+ projects that Bitgert Startup Studio is adding to the Bitgert ecosystem. The Centcex partnership is also going to make Bitgert remain the fastest-growing ecosystem. The bottom line is Dogecoin is dropping, and it might not make a comeback. The likes of Bitgert are making Dogecoin less attractive due to its incredible utility.

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