Decoupling Exploitation From Gain: How Bitcoin Ends Injustice And The Importance of Orange-Pilling The Activist Community

Tens of millions of people in the United States consider themselves activist- and social justice- minded; individuals engaged in some form of work that is either directly or tangentially focused upon political/social change. Indeed, according to Gallup, some 40% of Americans see themselves as environmentalists. And a recent Case Foundation study (2017) reveals close to 1 in 5 millennials identify as activists in one manner or another.

Until we do a better job of addressing the Wall Street- and government-informed narratives around Bitcoin, and until we invest far more of our personal resources and time into demonstrating how Bitcoin promises a better world for all, these activists, these would-be change agents for good, will continue to fight battles that simply cannot be won — and those who suffer injustice will continue to do so.

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