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Never a dull day in crypto: Impersonators are sending phishing emails on behalf of credible DeFi and NFT enthusiasts


Numerous investors from the decentralized finances segment shared that they received fraudulent emails with PDF files attached. Unfortunately, some of them opened the attachments.

No, Sisyphus will not send you Parallel DAO SAFT

Yesterday, on Oct. 29, 2021, Twitter user @cryptofan777 unveiled that he/she received an email from an address that impersonates well-known DeFi investor Sisyphus of NFT product Pebble DAO.

According to the subject of the email, it included a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT) from the Parallel DAO project. At the same time, the email included no text and was not signed.

The recipient admitted that he/she opened this PDF file and that “seemed to have been the issue.” It appeared to be dangerous malware:

On call with team right now. Situation is bad, will address soon.

At least three blockchain-focused VC heavyweights were targeted by this attack. The same email—but with Paradigm Capital mentioned—was sent by malefactors to Sino Global Capital, Sneaky Ventures and County Capital.

The “real” Sisyphus immediately stated that it was not him behind these emails:

If you get an email from [email protected], the chances that it’s actually me are near-zero. Please do not open or click on any links. (…) Should say zero. I have not sent out any emails from that email address in over 24 hours.

Anubis DAO rugged for $60 million

Moreover, Parallel DAO representatives emphasized that their product has no SAFT, so these emails are part of a blatant phishing (“keylogging”) scam:

Also, on Oct. 29, 2021, the largest rug-pull in DeFi history stole $60,000,000 from investors into an early-stage dog-themed project, Anubis DAO.

The price of ANKH, the main token of the project’s ecosystem, immediately dropped to $0 after the removal of liquidity.

Anubis DAO had no website and promoted itself as a fork of Olympus DAO.

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