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Crypto ecosystem for various coins and NFTs Blocto scored important partnership in Taiwan


Launched by the Portto team, Blocto wallet is designed for secure and noncustodial storage of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blocto will supercharge pioneering a NFT store by digital giant Yahoo.

Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store goes live

According to the official announcement shared by Blocto, its team will launch the first NFT marketplace for Yahoo in Asia. Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store will go live in late March.

Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store goes live
Image by Blocto

The store debuts with the “A-Hoo” collection dedicated to the official mascot of Yahoo Taiwan. The new marketplace will support a wide range of cutting-edge features to make the NFT experience seamless and straightworward even for crypto newbies.

From its launch, the marketplace will support fiat payments through credit cards and digital payment systems. All tokens will be released at affordable prices to make the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store more inclusive and accessible.

Also, every NFT from this store will have “real-world” value: they will be qualified for exclusive rewards in Yahoo Taiwan’s points program.

Hsuan Lee, CEO at Portto, announces that the Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store is set to become the leading decentralized e-commerce platform in the region:

Blocto has a lot of experiences in the deep blockchain cooperation with large enterprises, from Vault by CNN, MotoGP Ignition to Yahoo Taiwan. With our expertise in blockchain technology, Blocto is creating this platform with Yahoo Taiwan so anyone can own and collect NFTs like “A-Hoo” as easy as shopping on any e-Commerce platform.

More partnerships on Taiwan’s NFT scene to come

Chen-Te Lin, VP of Taiwan E-Commerce and Regional Products at Yahoo, emphasizes that the launch of Yahoo’s crypto marketpace in Taiwan is of crucial importance for the entire global ecosystem of Web3 enthusiasts:

Yahoo Taiwan is fully committed to optimizing user experience through technological innovations from our continuous development in immersive content to leveraging the broad Yahoo Taiwan ecosystem’s cross-platform resources. By collaborating with crypto wallet Blocto and leveraging Yahoo Taiwan’s advantages in media and e-commerce to launch ‘Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store,’ Yahoo Taiwan is making NFTs accessible to all and creating a channel where local creators can expand their venture into NFTs.

A-Hoo collection will also be released on Blocto’s own marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

As per the statement of its team, more local brands and nonprofits are going to release their first NFT collections using Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store as their technical and marketing basis.

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