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Recently shared data shows that top Ethereum whales now hold over $1 billion worth of Shiba Inu and have increased their bet on this cryptocurrency

WhaleStats crypto tracking service has tweeted that the largest Ethereum whales have accumulated over $2 billion worth of SHIB, while the coin is back on the list of assets the whales are buying most.

Holding $2 billion in meme crypto

According to WhaleStats, the richest Ethereum whales (the top 1,000 of them) now own more than $2 billion worth of Shiba Inu canine crypto—the second biggest meme cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Dogecoin. The time gap in their launch comprises seven years.

The tweet shows that the top ETH whales are holding 18,260,127,622,912 worth $2,761,646,130.

A deeper look at the data provided by WhaleStats, however, shows that by press time, whales have sold part of their SHIB holdings. Now they own $1,671,954,254 worth of SHIB—that is 16.3% of their portfolio.

The amount of FTX Token held by these whales is a little bigger—$1,683,705,970, or 16.42% of their investment.

SHIB is back on the list of the top 10 purchased coins

Another Twitter post from WhaleStats announced that SHIB has returned to the list of the 10 coins most actively bought by the largest whales holding most of their funds in Ethereum.

The meme token holds fifth place at the moment with $5,930 worth of it being an average amount purchased by whales. This is the equivalent of 190,552,69 Shiba Inu.

The average amount of SHIB held by these whales is 185,428,392, according to WhaleStats.

Is MATIC more popular than SHIB now?

Polygon’s native token MATIC comes fifth—ahead of SHIB on the list of the top 10 purchased crypto by whales.

WhaleStats has shared data on four transactions through which a few whales bought a comprised 3,856,244 MATIC. This amount of crypto constitutes $7,019,042 in fiat. This MATIC was bought mostly in lumps of slightly over one million tokens.

One of the investors, who participated in the purchase, ranked 397th by WhaleStats, now holds a total of $7,233,322 in this token. That is 11.53% of their investment portfolio.

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