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Yet another crypto rumor has been debunked, with Zimbabwe saying that it has no plans to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

Zimbabwe’s ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services has confirmed that the country has no plans to adopt Bitcoin as an alternative cryptocurrency despite multiple media reports.

The Zimbabwe dollar will remain the only currency in the hyperinflation-stricken country.

On Nov. 7, local news portal Bulawayo24 reported that the Zimbabwean government had had discussions with private sector players about making crypto legal tender.

The report was then picked up by some cryptocurrency news outlets and was shared by major crypto influencers.

El Salvador, a small tropical country in Central America, made history earlier this year by adopting Bitcoin as its official currency.

Other countries, however, are yet to follow suit. Last month, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador definitely ruled out adopting the flagship coin as an official currency.

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