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Metasens, a novel metaverse project, now has its MSU token listed by top-tier centralized exchange AAX


Metasens, the metaverse project incubated by Imperium Technology Group (0776.HK), releases for the first time its MSU token on a top-tier exchange.

Metasens launches its MSU token on AAX Exchange

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Metasens, a new-gen metaverse ecosystem, its token debuts on heavyweight centralized exchange AAX.

MSU becomes tradeable on AAX Exchange’s spot segment in pairs with a variety of cryptocurrencies. Also, it is added to the staking module of AAX Exchange with up to 20% APY.

MSU’s token supply is capped at 500,000,000 tokens: the team cannot raise this limit and issue new assets. Crypto enthusiasts can trade, exchange and utilize MSU in Metasens’ Metaverse activities.

MSU will be also used to reward passionate participants of Metasens’ in-game campaigns and missions. Eventually, MSU will also serve as a governance asset for its community of holders.

Metasens’ METASNAKE game crosses 30,000 players globally

Since early 2022, MSU has been integrated into METASNAKE, a pioneering game by the Metasens team. While still in beta, it has already onboarded 30,000 GameFi enthusiasts.

Mr. Terry Yeung, Executive Director of Imperium Technology Group, stresses the critical importance of this listing for his product:

It’s encouraging to witness the positive progress that Metasens has been making since its launch four months ago. We are thrilled to see that in addition to the successful launch of our first blockchain game METASNAKE, MSU token has achieved this milestone to be listed on the leading crypto exchange AAX, a critical move for the Metasens ecosystem to go global.

Ben Caselin, Head of Research and Strategy at AAX, adds that with this listing, his platform cements itself as a crucial trading platform for GameFi tokens:

The rising popularity of metaverse applications is driven in part by innovation in the GameFi space. We see 2022 as the year of GameFi’s exponential growth. AAX hopes to act as a proactive participant and facilitator in this ecosystem by collaborating with quality projects such as Metasens. AAX will continue our efforts in exploring the GameFi ecosystem and discover more projects that carry great potential for us to partner with.

By press time, Metasens airdropped 20,000 MSU; its holders staked the equivalent of 20,000 USDT, with the staked volume exceeding expectations by 46%.

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