In recent updates shared by defense lawyer James K. Filan, Ripple defendants Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen’s answers to the SEC’s first amended complaint have now been filed.

Defense lawyer James K. Filan then went on to share a possible timeline of events as the case progresses.

He stated: “Scheduling Update: Now that the Individual Defendants’ Answers have been filed, the SEC’s position on additional discovery is due on April 15, 2022, and the Joint Proposed Scheduling Order is due on April 22, 2022.”

Ripple is still awaiting court judgments, according to the defense lawyer. At the moment, four judicial decisions are pending: decisions on the SEC’s Motion for Partial Reconsideration, the Defendants’ Motion to Strike the Supplemental Expert Report, the Defendants’ Motion to Compel Turnover of the Estabrook Notes and the decision on the SEC’s proposed redactions.

The filing of the Individual Defendants’ answer remains the triggering event, according to earlier updates shared by the defense lawyer. He added that after the answer is filed, the two-week clock for filing the SEC’s position on discovery and the Joint Proposed Scheduling Order begins to tick.

The SEC is scheduled to inform the court of its position on whether any additional discovery is required within a week of the submission of the Individual Defendants’ replies. The SEC and Ripple have also been ordered to meet and confer over a briefing schedule for summary judgment motions.

No later than one week after the SEC’s submission on discovery, the parties must submit a joint proposed schedule for the court’s approval.

Ripple deepens research collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University

Ripple has become a founding sponsor of Carnegie Mellon University’s Secure Blockchain Initiative. The Secure Blockchain Initiative is a university-wide interdisciplinary research initiative aimed at rethinking blockchain across industry ecosystems to address big concerns in Blockchain.

CMU announced its partnership with Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative three years ago to encourage academic research and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

The agreement has facilitated collaboration between Ripple and CMU researchers on several blockchain-related projects, resulting in many research-based papers and presentations.

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