As the title suggests, I’ll go over what I believe makes a good Bitcoiner with the hope of persuading you that being a HODLer is actually an important job that entails certain responsibilities.

The outline roughly will be:

  • The philosophical prerequisites of the HODLer’s mindset
  • Impediments to adopting a personal bitcoin standard
  • Practical takeaways

Let’s go.

We have an important role as Bitcoiners to always be orange-pilling, but to do so in a way that’s constructive, and that means being sensitive to the reality that not everyone is ready to hear what we have to say.

We recognize that becoming a Bitcoiner often results from a set of philosophical underpinnings or dependencies. Someone lacking in one or more of these prerequisites will likely face obstacles along their journey that make adoption difficult. The fact that not yet everyone is onboard with bitcoin is testament to this difficulty.

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