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Major Ethereum whales keep purchasing MATIC, increasing their bet on this token


Several hours ago, WhaleStats posted several tweets that show that two major Ethereum whales purchased a total of $17 million in Polygon’s native token, MATIC.

ETH whales add 11 million MATIC

According to the aforementioned blockchain service, top Ethereum wallet owners—ranked 392nd and 358th—have acquired a total of 11 million MATIC tokens. Wallet 392 made two purchases, adding 999,995 and 1,099,990 MATIC.

Owner of wallet number 358 bought over three times more than the two previous transactions were worth—9,043,038 tokens. Overall, the fiat equivalent of these crypto acquisitions amounts to approximately 11 million USD.

The whale ranked 392th holds a total of $15,130,234 worth of MATIC, and it constitutes 28.78% of their crypto portfolio. Besides, the MATIC in this wallet is the biggest token by USD value.

WhaleStats did not provide details regarding the total MATIC holdings of the second whale.

SHIB remains popular among ETH whales

Overall, according to another tweet by WhaleStats, MATIC and SHIB are among the 10 most frequently purchased coins by the biggest 1,000 ETH whales. Polygon’s token holds 5th place on this list. Shiba Inu meme crypto is in eighth place.

The most traded token for these 1,000 whales at the time of writing is LINK, and FTT remains the largest coin by USD value. SHIB token is in third place on the list of the top 10 crypto holdings of these wallet owners.

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