This is an opinion editorial by Kyle Schneps, director of public policy at Foundry, a Digital Currency Group company.

The legacy Cold War system of defection rewarded the elite few who chose to publicly opt out of authoritarian regimes in favor of Western democracies. The Bitcoin network now allows all people, no matter their station or class, to privately opt out of tyranny by investing autocrat-controlled currencies into a decentralized global system of financial independence.

Walking through the labyrinthine hallways of the CIA’s headquarters late at night during the 1960s, you would eventually notice a wedge of faint smokey light as you passed one particular office suite on the top floor. Following the trail of light and peering inside, you would see a gaunt bespectacled man hunched over countless volumes of poetry and stacks of human intelligence case files. A single dim bulb would highlight an overflowing ashtray and a perpetually wrinkled brow. You would be looking at James Jesus Angleton, the grandfather of U.S. counterintelligence analysis and operations — and also one of the most controversial figures in the gray corners of U.S. history.

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