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Robinhood continues to hold a stable amount of DOGE supply for its investors, and it has neither risen nor declined as of yet


According to a tweet recently posted by @DogeWhaleAlert account, the Robinhood brokerage company holds nearly $5 billion worth of Dogecoin on behalf of its investors.

Meanwhile, a staggering $34 million in DOGE were recently transferred between anonymous wallets.

Robinhood holds 31.7% of circulating Dogecoins

In a recent tweet, @DogeWhaleAlert spread the word that Robinhood stores an astounding $4,945,874,342 worth of the original meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. That comprises 42,157,488,061 coins in DOGE equivalent. This is also 31.78% of the token’s total supply in circulation.

The tweet also states that the company uses two wallets made up of eight addresses for storing Dogecoin.

300 million DOGE shifted by anon wallets

Among multiple Dogecoin transactions, @DogeWhaleAlert has spotted a massive one, carrying a whopping 300,000,000 DOGE worth $34,473,300.

The fee for this transfer comprised 84.17 DOGE, which is almost $10.

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