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In the past 24 hours, almost 19 million SHIB was destroyed but a lot more going to be burned on St Valentine’s

Shibburn Twitter account has shared data from etherscan, saying that over the past twenty-four hours, a close to 19 million Shiba Inu tokens have been burned, i.e. taken permanently out of circulation.

It took various groups inside the SHIB community ten transactions to burn this amount of crypto. By now, 41.0302 percent (totaling 410.3 trillion tokens) from of the overall initial SHIB of one quadrillion supply has been burned.

Later on, another 1,882,892 was sent to a dead wallet.

In nine days, on February 14, another regular SHIB burn party hosted by Bigger Entertainment crypto record label is taking place on YouTube. The previous similar event took place on December 26, when 239 million SHIB tokens were burned.

On St Valentine’s, a lot more Shiba Inu can be destroyed, the founder of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper, has written in his Twitter. Earlier, he posted tweeted inviting members of the SHIB army to join in by purchasing a ticket to join the event for $5 (all the money raised will be used for buying SHIB, which will later be burned, according to Cooper).

However, this time, there is one curious difference from the previous burn party, Cooper claims, – now, SHIB community members will be burning SHIB by simply tuning in to the live video on YouTube.

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