CeDeFi exchange platform Unizen is adding new options for holders of its utility token with the addition of the ZCX/USDT trading pair on its platform.

Unizen is the operator of a smart exchange platform that’s focused on marrying centralized and decentralized exchanges, a concept known as CeDeFi. Its platform operates under customary financial regulations yet also plays nicely with modern innovations within the world of decentralized finance. Through Unizen, traders get to access the liquidity of centralized exchanges and the unique functionality of various DeFi apps, along with the best possible rates when trading different assets.

Besides its advanced trading options, Unizen offers Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking functionality where users can stake their ZCX tokens in an array of liquidity pools to earn rewards in multiple kinds of crypto assets.

ZCX also enables governance, with holders able to vote on various issues affecting the platform that require the community’s consensus. In addition, ZCX holders get to participate in crowdfunding on ZenX Labs, which is Unizen’s accelerator for emerging crypto projects.

Given the versatility of the ZCX token it has seen big demand from Unizen’s community. There will likely be a lot of interest in the ZCX/USDT trading pair, which gives holders the ability to easily swap their tokens with Tether stablecoins.

There is more to come as well, as Unizen has promised that this is the first of many new listings to emerge on its platform. Over the coming weeks and months, Unizen said plans to launch multiple new trading pairs that will provide additional options and opportunities for its users.

As to what those new pairs will be, that hasn’t been revealed. However, Unizen said the forthcoming pairs will include a number of “partner projects” as well as the winners of its “Tournament of the Alt” competition. With so much to look forward too, Unizen believes its platform is all set to become the “destination of choice” for retail and institutional investors looking to explore the emerging world of CeDeFi.


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