According to WhaleStats, a portal that tracks the actions of major Ethereum holders, the SHIB token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem has once again become one of the most used smart contracts among the 1,000 largest ETH whales.

At the same time, SHIB continues to hold a large place in the structure of the top 100 largest wallets, excluding Ethereum. According to the portal, SHIB has a 17.92% or $505.7 million share in the total portfolio of all ETH whales, which equals $45.4 trillion SHIB.

The average balance of a member of the top 100 is 3.1 trillion SHIB, which equals $36.6 million. Both indicators significantly increased in the last 24 hours, by 29.6% and 26.5% respectively. The total share of SHIB concentrated in the hands of the top 100 Ethereum whales is a crazy 31% of the total token supply.

Ethereum whales might want to do the trick again, but now with SHIB

Many have already wondered why Ethereum whales are so interested in SHIB. From the background that has developed around Shiba Inu, it really seems that the project is able to surprise us a lot. In addition to its active use by various vendors as a means of payment, Shiba Inu is actively working on projects in both the entertainment and the financial sectors.


The involvement of Marvel’s partners in working on Shiba Inu’s Metaverse or the careful construction of the Shibarium Layer 2 solution, all of this has clearly not slipped from the attention of the large holders of the major altcoin.

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