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The SEC has filed a new letter motion in an attempt to avoid submitting Hinman emails to the court

In a continuous legal battle of Ripple against the SEC agency, the latter has made another attempt to keep the emails related to its former head of Corporation Finance, Hinman, according to a corporate defense lawyer James K. Filan.

The tweet shows that the SEC have submitted a letter motion to keep the Hinman emails private from Ripple and the judge, citing the attorney-client privilege.

At the start of this week, U.Today reported that this motion was announced that the assertion to renew this motion was due on Friday, April 29.

These emails that were exchanged between Hinman and SEC’s attorneys are related to the Hinman’s speech regarding the legal status of Ethereum and took place in mid-June 2018.


In the letter that was filed, SEC lawyers have also requested a permission to protect two additional comments in Hinman’s speech draft that had been discussed earlier in April.

SEC asserts to the attorney-client privilege to since in these emails SEC attorneys consulted him on laws related to securities, so in this case Director Hinman in considered their customer.

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