In this article, I argue that the future geopolitical uses of Bitcoin technology have a road map in the example of the Non-Aligned Movement created by former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito during the Cold War.

Like many good ideas, this one began with a question from a child. It’s a typical morning, driving my daughter to her high school in New York. She asked, “Dad, why are there 750 U.S. bases in 80 countries around the world?” In 2021, parents want to avoid giving dumb answers, she had learned this during her Global History class and I wanted to get to the heart of the matter. Not being a person who buys into the enduring freedom narrative, I said, “Well, we have that many bases in the world to support the U.S. dollar.” We continued on this subject until we got to her school where she finally asked, “So, if the dollar is strong because of our military, is that a good thing?” That is a good question from a teenager and for Americans writ large. Shortly after our conversation, I read that the nation of El Salvador was buying bitcoin and would make it legal tender there. It seems that the leaders of this tiny South American country envisioned a new kind of future with Bitcoin at its center.

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