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Vladislav Sopov, a novel NFT platform, is set to democratize the tokenization of domain names


Quik․com, a next-gen marketplace for NFT domain names, offers Web3 enthusiasts to obtain domain names for “the Internet of tomorrow.” tokenized domain names in six red-hot TLDs: Check them out

As per the statement of, it launched the first-ever marketplace for tokenized domain names. It allows Ethereum (ETH) users to buy crypto-specific domain names for their business and personal resources with 6 TLDs – .metaverse domains, .blockchain, .VR, .doge, .shib & .bored.

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Clients of this marketplace can mint, buy, hold and sell NFT domains with six top-level domain zones, including the domains .doge, .shib, .metaverse, .blockchain, .bored and .vr.

Domains of three types are available: premium domains (elon.blockchain, musk.blockchain), short domains (usa.vr, shib.vr) and crypto-related domains (shib.blockchain and so on).

Every domain is associated with an NFT artwork: the avatar can be linked to the domain name hand-in-hand with the minting process.

By mid-May 2022, the team of is also going to launch the .crypto domain zone offering: domain names will be available for 0.08 Ethers (ETH), which is equal to $243 by press time.

Owning domain names instead of leasing them: Why is this crucial for the Web3 era?

At the same time, the most popular tokenized names in the “Short” and “Premium” categories are for sale for 1-2 Ethers.

Besides bringing an exciting and innovative NFT ethos to the segment of domain names trading, marketplace reconsiders the design of “obtaining” crypto domains.

While in the Web2 world, purchasers can just lease the name from a hosting provider or reseller, with tokenization instruments by, the entrepreneur can purchase this or that “tokenized” domain and use it forever.

Also, no service provider is able to “freeze” your domain name or somehow restrict your ability to use it. All payments in are accepted in cryptocurrencies: Web3 enthusiasts can get the domain paying Ethers (ETH) and Binance Coins (BNB).

Last but not least, offers a novel way to have the domain name monetized: its initial owner can get 5-10% royalties from every secondary sale.

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