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In Infinity Skies, Sandbox-style GameFi protocol, users can build castles, buy in-game items and interact with each other


Infinity Skies (ISKY), a mainstream on-chain gaming Metaverse, is going to implement crucial upgrades in Q4, 2022, to make its design more fair and democratic.

Infinity Skies (ISKY) introduces Metaverse game with NFTs

In the last 24 hours, ISKY, a core native cryptocurrency of Infinity Skies GameFi platform, jumped 125% to become one of the top-performing Metaverse altcoins.

Infinity Skies (ISKY) attempts to push the barriers in the sphere of NFT-centric games with native utility assets and Metaverse elements. Technically, it is a strategy with single- and multi-player modes.

Its ecosystem was inspired by legendary game The Sims as well as by GameFi heavyweight The Sandbox. It allows players to build a castle on an island in the sky by using walls, floors and decorative objects.


Every detail in this or that in-game building is available as a non-fungible token (NFT) and, therefore, can be traded on third-party platforms.

DAO, in-game guilds and adventure mode expected in coming months

Infinity Skies game and its core token ISKY were released in Q2, 2022. However, in the upcoming Q4, 2022, the protocol is going to activate an array of meaningful upgrades.

Namely, the protocol will activate “leveling” and voting mechanisms in Patch 1.1a while massive gaming guilds will be integrated into the game with Patch 1.2a.

In early 2023, Infinity Skies is set to add an Adventure Mode to advance its gaming toolkit.

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