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Analyst Andrew Kang of Mechanism Capital and PleasrDAO explains fundamental imbalance between ETH buyers and sellers at this market phase


Andrew Kang, co-founder and partner of VC heavyweight Mechanism Capital, indicates who is ready to buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) right now. It looks like this list may be alarming for Ethereum (ETH) bulls.

Buyers: Scalpers, who else?

According to Mr. Kang, by the end of May 2022, there is only one category of market participants interested in increasing the share of Ethereum (ETH) in their allocations.

Traders interested in short-term scalping opportunities are most likely buying Ethers as it reaches round numbers or among “fading sentiment,” Mr. Kang says.

All other categories of Ethereum (ETH) “believers” have already spent their “dip money” on the previous “1,000 dips.” As such, nobody is interested in seeking a “buy the dip” opportunity for a second cryptocurrency right now.


Sellers: Institutions, retail, miners

At the same time, the list of “sellers” increases day by day. First of all, instititions are reducing their exposure to Ethereum (ETH) as it fails to meet their expectations. Also, some institutional players badly need cash to cover their losses after the Terra (LUNA) drama and other major collapses of recent weeks.

Retail holders also need to sell their Ethereum (ETH) bags, as they are “bleeding in all directions.” The situation for many projects looks just the same: they need cash to cover their expenses.

“Short sellers” and miners are two other categories of sellers as Ethereum (ETH) fails to recover from plummeting: on May 27, 2022, it touched $1,600 level, which is 60% below its November ATH.

Last but not least, people who were interested in selling before but were waiting for a “bounce” are losing their hope for Ethereum (ETH) recover, Mr. Kang adds.

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