The creator of one of the most popular meme cryptocurrencies, Billy Markus, revealed exactly how much he made by creating the iconic asset that attracted thousands, if not millions, of new users into the digital assets industry.

According to his most recent tweet, Markus discussed allegations of being too “salty” about influencers and developers who are making thousands and millions of dollars by pushing scams, while his creation with “80 billion dollars” of market capitalization made him only $3,000.

He also added that he is getting attacked by strangers who are tied to shady crypto-related projects that bring millions to their creators and anyone associated with them.

Markus later added that he is not being too hard about it and felt fine unless he sold his cryptocurrency back in 2015 to pay rent. Considering that the total cryptocurrency market has enjoyed more than a tenfold increase, the funds paid for rent could now be worth a fortune.

He earlier posted a thread about scammers and fake influencers in the cryptocurrency industry who push shady projects for money and exploit their own community. Besides doing that, they used to call out Markus for not managing the Dogecoin community properly and somehow letting the price go down.

After a series of attacks from influencers, Markus became a victim of regular users who most likely hold the first memecurrency but are still waiting for a strong price increase to sell their holdings at a profit with no type of contribution.

We may understand the frustration of the community since Dogecoin’s price performance in the last 150 days was highly negative as the cryptocurrency has lost over 30% of its value and more than 80% from the all-time high.

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