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Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the quick tempo of the crypto industry’s development. To keep you informed, U.Today has prepared the top four news stories from the past weekend.

Peter Schiff announces he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is a catch

April Fools’ Day has not been left unnoticed by the crypto community, with many influencers making jokes on “old, but gold” topics. As such, after Binance’s CZ jokingly commented on Peter Schiff being Satoshi Nakamoto, the gold bug admitted that it was indeed him who created Bitcoin, the largest global cryptocurrency. Schiff also explained why he has been bashing BTC this whole time: he simply wanted “weak hands” to sell more so that he could buy the total BTC supply of 21 million coins. In a tweet that followed, however, Schiff made it clear that his “confession” was nothing but an April 1 joke.

Elon Musk Shares DOGE Video That “Explains Everything”

In response to Ark Invest’s Brett Winton, who posted a tweet about Bitcoin miners, chief of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk shared a meme video about meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Winton’s tweet contains a joke about a person who does not know that miners are not only people but also micro chips. Wishing to “help” a hypothetical person from the joke, Musk posted a video about Dogecoin, saying that it “explains everything.” The video later attracted the attention of Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, who called it the “best cryptocurrency video in history.”

86 billion SHIB shoveled by third largest wallet on Ethereum

According to the latest on-chain data, “Tsunade,” the third largest Ethereum whale, has acquired an eye-popping 86 billion SHIB worth $2.3 million. This was done while Shiba Inu was struggling to break out from the March 2 resistance. However, despite the size of the purchase, the price of the canine coin remained unchanged. The whale currently owns two trillion SHIB, but this is not his biggest holding. The majority of Tsunade’s portfolio is constituted by USDOGE, with PAXG token in second place.

Cardano TVL “will fly” when these conditions are met

A Twitter user who goes by “ADA whale” has recently shared his opinion on Cardano’s value rallying even higher when new solutions and dApps drop. The whale has described what the Cardano community should expect in the next three and six months as a couple of projects have already announced releases of their solutions later in the year. Among the most anticipated ones are stablecoins, wrapped assets, lending and synthetic assets, hardware wallet support and DEXes with limited impermanent loss. The development of these features on Cardano will make blockchain-based solutions significantly more attractive.

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